How To Live a Natural, Healthy Life

Reflect You have been created from the earth, you will be returned to it and you cannot escape from it.  From the things that surround us are those which are helpful and those..

Why Should We Chew Our Food Properly?

You have been given teeth for a reason.  If we live an unbalanced life, this will show in our intelligence, our health and our appearance.  This includes chewing.  If we don’t chew our..

How To Not Look Homeless

Don’t call yourself homeless. Being homeless isn’t a bad thing. We were all likely born not owning a home, so don’t be worried about it.  Also, consider that lots of people who do..

How To Be More Attractive, Naturally

Your attractiveness is a reflection of how healthy you are as a person. Opening You have done well in coming to this article, as the only way to become more attractive over time..