How To Not Look Homeless

Don’t call yourself homeless.

Being homeless isn’t a bad thing.

We were all likely born not owning a home, so don’t be worried about it. 

Also, consider that lots of people who do own homes go without their homes for periods of times and live outside also, 

Except they call it “camping”.

So make sure you don’t look at your situation as difficult but look at it as an adventure. 

And if you aren’t “camping” yet but still want to learn how to not look homeless, keep reading.


Now we have that out of the way and we are looking to go on our adventure (feels better already, right?) it’s time to make some preparations. 

We need to do some things and avoid others to make sure that we don’t look homeless.

Obviously, what we really mean when we say “looking homeless” is looking dishevelled or unhealthy and what’s like that.  

Thank God, avoiding this is simple and it is even easier if we set up some good habits going forward. 

Here are some things you want to start with straight away to make the most of your Camping.

Take Care of Your Self


Make sure that you take steps to preserve your health. 

You will need to keep warm, so grab a Bivvy Bag or what is like it as soon as you are able. 

Next, a Ground Mat and a sleeping bag and that is basically all most of us will need at night, perhaps for the rest of our lives. 

This will hopefully come in at less than $100, and then hat’s it. 

Much cheaper than a house and less maintenance!

If you can’t afford it yet, then do what you can, but if you can bear patience until you have the money this may be a means of things being a lot easier for you, being able to sleep almost anywhere in the world for free from then on!


Since people can see our clothes from a distance, let’s at least make sure they don’t look like we have slept in them. 

Two simple ways are to use regular wardrobe hangers and hang your clothes on a tree overnight.

Make especially sure that you do this straight after washing as well to help avoid creased, damp clothes. 

If you don’t have hangers, then just spread them out to dry. 

When they are finished drying, don’t fold your clothes but instead, roll them into tubes to help avoid creases. 


Make sure you wash your self and your clothes. 

This is super easy with water, your hands, fingernails and maybe a bit of natural soap. 

Wash yourself first and make sure to dry off to avoid being too cold.

As for the clothes, use water to start, scrape off any stains, rinse out any soap, ring out by hand and then put them out to dry.

Comb Your Hair. 

Another addition to our camping toolkit is a comb. 

This perhaps costs less than a dollar and when combined with clean, neat clothes it will hopefully be very hard to tell you have been sleeping in the woods. 

Make sure to comb your beard also. 

If you are able, combine this with rubbing in some olive oil for the health and handsome benefits. 

Use Perfume 

Buy a roll-on stick of natural perfume for a dollar or so. 

Roll it on where is well known.

Now, if you are granted success on all the above, you are nice smelling with neat clothes and hair, hopefully, far from dishevelled.

Find a Place To Keep Your Things

There are lots of places where you might choose to keep your belongings so that you might not have to carry them everywhere you go. 

Or, only carry the essentials (Bivvy Bag, Sleeping Bag, Ground Mat) in a normal everyday backpack you might find in a charity shop.

With all the above combined, how would someone be able to figure out you were homeless? 


The above are the obvious things, but consider a few more good practices that you will want to take care of if you are able. 

Also, the above points are good anyway for your dealings with people and you may begin to experience some additional helpful effects in your day to day life. 

Eat Beta Carotene Rich Foods

There are foods that help certain peoples’ skin glow when they eat lots of them. 

Things like carrots, dried apricots, red peppers can help give some skin a healthy, natural glow. 

Carrots are not expensive and you may now avoid the pale skin that some people associate with homelessness – and then maybe have the best skin you’ve had.

Live In Nature

While there are some helpful things in cities, they aren’t nearly as fun as living in nature. 

Go out to a forest or somewhere in the woods and take benefit from the helpful things God has placed there.

In addition, in the UK for example, food that has grown on public land is free to eat for personal consumption. 

So in that case, following on from the above, you would have your own area of the woods, your source of food, clean clothes, smelling nice with combed hair… and not have to pay any rent!

While you are there, you might find some running water for washing with also!

Even if you do have a home, consider taking some time out in nature away from technology. 

Tell me you don’t feel a bit better reading about all these nice, natural things!

How To Not Look Homeless

Take care of yourself. 

You might be a bit ahead of the curve here anyway, as rent is going very high in the west and the harms of technology are consuming peoples’ lives, you may not be the last person to face up to reality and go camping. 

It may take a day or a few to become used to it but just have patience. 

There are some many benefits in this for you, make sure you look for them.

I ask God to guide you and make easy your state, verily His Earth is spacious.

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