Who Should I Invest In?

Yourself. You have been given money as a means to establish your purpose. You have not been given wealth to pile it up and count it.  We all have areas we need to..

Is a Wealth Manager Worth It?

You are a wealth manager.  What you do with your wealth is your responsibility.  You have to choose to spend it upon the most important of things first, then the next most important..

What To Do With Money Sitting in The Bank?

Use it properly. Every minute your money is in the bank it is becoming worth less and less and less.  Money is there to be spent.  It is a token for exchanging wealth..

The Negative Effects of Saving Money

If all we do with money is save it, why should we be given any more? Money is there to be spent.  More numbers on a screen are not beneficial in their essence. ..

Is Minimalism Worth It?

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful to His believing servants.  What people might refer to Minimalism is of two types.  Minimalism, meaning not having excess belongings.  Or Minimalism,..

This Is How To Create Wealth Without Money

Build Something That Provides Value to Other People.  So you want wealth, but you don’t have any money to spend.  And perhaps you don’t have anything to trade for money to be able..