The Negative Effects of Saving Money

If all we do with money is save it, why should we be given any more?

Money is there to be spent. 

More numbers on a screen are not beneficial in their essence. 

If all you do with the money you are given is hoard it and store it away, why should you be given any more?

The Negative Effects of Saving Money

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants. 

All praise and thanks belong to God, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the angels and grant him peace, his family and companions and whoever follows them, 

To proceed, 

Money is a great tool for providing value to other people. 

If you spend it on good things, you have already begun to spread benefit to others.

Now other people might use that money to take care of their needs. 

However, if we leave it sitting in a bank account, who are we benefitting? 

We aren’t investing it in ourselves, nor in our family, nor in our community. 

The negative effects of saving money are so numerous we could not cover it, even in a number of articles. 

Instead, let’s have a look at a brief overview of the harmful effects, starting close to home and later have a look at good change. 


You have needs. 

The society you live in will likely have agreed upon a certain currency to help people transfer wealth between each other. 

You may now use money to seek after beneficial things to help you care for those needs. 

Knowledge, belief, good actiions, intelligence, health, wealth and relationships, all of them may be aided by spending money in the right way. 

However, if you don’t spend on things that might be a means of solving your problems and bringing you closer to a sound and complete person, why should you expect to become better? 

You have been provided with sustenance your whole life, why should we now be afraid of not receiving any more?

How many birds do you see hoarding up wealth, fearing a lack of provision? 

You will likely have an amount of money in your possession which is from the effects of you or your predecessors having spent their time to provide value to other people. 

Now it is time to use this money to bring to us things that might benefit us. 

This way, we are benefitting ourselves, others and avoiding wasting our time. 

However, if we spend some of our time to benefit others (perhaps a business or a job contract) then spend time finding ways to hide that money and not give it to others – you are stayng in the same place or going backwards. 

What then, about the one who doesn’t spend money to the benefit of themself, their family or their community – and instead spends on harmful things to try and distract them from the truth. 

Intoxicants, hamrful foods and drinks, misinformation and false speech (entertainment, music, television) – all of them harm intelligence and will result in moving backwards, becoming less effective and slipping back. 

Soon, if one had been covering the truth for this time something will soon happen to them that they are unable to cover, losing a job contract, going out of business etc. 

They didn’t spend to benefit themselves or others, now they are seeing their actions manifested in front of them. 

Rather, there are those who spend money to misguide themselves and others, so what about them?

The Path

Let’s avoid all of the above. 

Your life is going to finish soon, no amount of covering that fact will keep us around. 

We have to increase in knowledge and correct action to make the most of our life – it is the abode of action. 

Everything that comes after is recompense only. 

You need to seek knowledge and act upon it. 

However, there are enemies to you on this path. 

They want us to choose the less beneficial actions, waste our time, do actions that are harmful to us, and ultimately commit polytheism (the ultimate form of ingratitude) and enter punishment in this life and the next. 

We cannot protect ourselves except with knowledge. 

We only recently entered the world and we had no knowledge. 

Then we learnt that certain thoughts, actions and statements are harmful. 

Some people then turn away from learning and try and distract themselves until their life is finished and they earn nothing of good. 

And others commit themselves to learning what are the most beneficial things to them in this life and what comes after, taking a path of seeking that knowledge and acting upon it. 

Your Sustenance

Naturally, we will have to spend on thjis path. 

If someone tried to go on a journey, using as little fuel as possible, don’t be surprised if they stall and never make it. 

Our bodies require spending upon, our hearts, minds and limbs. 

Our families and communities. 

If we stop spending, problems will become bigger and bigger. 

No amount of covering these will change anything. 

And if you spend, it will come back to you.

What Goes Around Comes Around

So we know we need to spend money to preserve goodly thinsg, avert bad ones, remove bad things and seek benefits. 

But how should we go about this? 

How should we spend money?

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